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You can search this public register to check:

  • if an individual is registered as a Journeyman, Tradesman, or Certifier and;
    • holds a current practising licence to legally undertake restricted work in any of the three trades as defined by the PGD Act 2006
    • if they have been disciplined in the last 3 years
    • if they have a specific term and condition on their registration or licence e.g. Certifying Gasfitter registration is subject to the term and condition that he does not work on large commercial gasfitting and with pressures above 200kPa.
  • a Certifier’s public register page for people under their supervision (which includes Trainee Limited Certificates or Exemptions Under Supervision).
  • if a person currently holds a Provisional Licence to work.
  • if a company holds an Employer Licence (for gasfitting).
  • (providing they hold a current practising licence) work contact details for Journeyman, Tradesman, Certifying, Provisional Licence holders, Employer Licences.


  • This search engine only returns "exact matches" so you will need to have the correct spelling if searching by name.
  • As of 6 December 2016, the registration class previously known as "Licensed" is now called "Tradesman".
  • For an overview on what each of the six main types of authorisations can do, click here.

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Licence/Registration Legend
Licence/Registration  Description 
CD Certifying Drainlayer
CG Certifying Gasfitter
CP Certifying Plumber
EMPL Employer Licence
JD Journeyman Drainlayer
JG Journeyman Gasfitter
JP Journeyman Plumber
PD Provisional Drainlayer Licence
PG Provisional Gasfitter Licence
PP Provisional Plumber Licence
TD Tradesman Drainlayer
TG Tradesman Gasfitter
TP Tradesman Plumber